How do I use this site?

Currently all items must be purchased through external/vendor websites.

If you want to buy something: Click on the “buy product” button, and you will be taken directly to the product’s main page to purchase the item. From there, you will buy the product like normal.

If you want to sell something: Create an account. You will be prompted to confirm your account through an email, then come back to madeinnc.org and click “sell something.” Please fill out the sections for title, content, product data, product gallery (optional), and featured image (required).

For product data, please choose the option for either “simple product” for items without a web page, or “external/affiliate product” for items that do have a website.

What is made in NC?

Our goal is to make it easier to buy and sell things made right here in North Carolina. There are great things being produced all around us, yet it is often hard to find these items for sale online, if they are available at all. Then, no one wants to create a username and password and create a whole new account just to buy one local item. It is cumbersome.

Madeinnc.org has the goal of overcoming that barrier.

Can I buy items directly through the site?

Not yet. Please let me know in the comments if you are interested in making this available.

What are the requirements to list an item on the site?

For an item to be sold on madeinnc.org, it must be assembled in North Carolina. Not all materials in a product have to be sourced from within the state.

All items listed must be able to fit in a box and sold as a tangible item. Services are not included.

Is Madeinnc.org a non-profit?

Madeinnc.org has the goal of promoting local businesses. We are not currently listed as a non-profit. However, we do have the goal, should advertising revenue be realized, to give back to the artisans that are working hard to make products here in North Carolina.