Tomato or Vinegar based, you will love this one


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**Winner of the 2017 People’s Choice Award and 2nd place from Judges in Sauce Boss Competition at the BBQ Festival on the Neuse in Kinston, NC!!**

Mike D’s Spicy Sauce is our twist on our BIG Sauce. It has an extra kick thanks to our sweet and spicy rub and some jalapeno peppers. Adds a nice kick if you want your food to take it up a notch while still enjoying good flavor.

This sauce is a great compliment to your meat whether you grill it, fry it, smoke it, or bake it. It’s great with beef, pork, chicken, turkey, and pretty much anything else meat or not you want some BBQ sauce on!

This gallon size is geared towards those who have restaurants, catering services, competitions, or just want a huge supply of sauce for their cookouts and indoor cooking needs!

* Because there is a small amount of Worcestershire Sauce in the recipe, there will be trace amounts of fish as anchovies are an ingredient in Worcestershire Sauce

* Please allow up to 3 days of processing before shipment